Handmade Creations in Copper and Wood for the Home and Garden

All my products are lovingly crafted in sustainably sourced timber and finished in a selection of rich weatherproof finishes.

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Magazine Holder in Wood and Copper
Magazine HolderBuy Now
Small Planter in Wood and Copper
Small PlanterBuy Now
Coasters in Wood and Cork
Wood & Cork CoastersBuy Now
ouse Mat and Docking Station in Wood and Cork
Mouse Mat and Docking StationBuy Now
Log Store with Cedar Shingle Roof
Log StoreBuy Now
Tea Tray in Wood and Copper
Trug / CarrierBuy Now
Tall Planter in Wood and Copper
Tall PlanterBuy Now
Shoe Rack in Wood and Copper
Shoe / Boot RackBuy Now
Coat Rack in Wood and Copper
Coat RackBuy Now
Tea Tray in Wood and Copper
Tea TrayBuy Now
Stationery Holder Desk Tidy in Wood and Copper
Stationery Holder Desk TidyBuy Now

About InWood Craft

A small scale suburban craftsman with a passion for creating InWood.

Set up in a suburban garage workshop, I am a small scale craftsman with a passion for creating InWood. I have tinkered with anything I can fashion from wood since I could hold a hammer and saw and love the versatility of this material. Whilst most people dream of fast cars and fancy holidays, I have spent many an evening pouring over catalogues of power tools, thinking of new outlandish constructions for my garden and generally dreaming 'InWood'.

All my products are inspired by household needs or desires, but designed to be both functional and beautiful. Wood is a highly versatile material that has been used for thousands of years in construction and craft-work. Every piece of wood, however regularised, has a unique grain or feel. Used effectively, it can be strong, durable and yet beautiful, combining well with other materials to create something greater than the sum of its parts. I aim to provide functional yet fabulous household products at reasonable prices, hoping wherever possible to make our domestic lives easier.

All my products are as Green as I can make them, sometimes even painted green. From sustainably sourced materials, to low energy lighting in my workshop, I am constantly looking for new ways to make my products environmentally friendly.

Call: 07984 358 005

Email: sales@inwoodcraft.co.uk

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